I say NO to Drama on Twitter

Lately I have been seeing a drama from a certain group of people on twitter. I call it drama because it includes all that twitter fight . I did not know what happened to them and what made them so angry on twitter. But they should not shoot all of us and angry at us … Continue reading

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My Life is like chocolate chip cookies

Yesterday I baked a chocolate chip cookies, and as I baked a silly thoughts crossed my mind , Life is having the same process like making chocolate chip cookies. Here are the steps of making chocolate chip cookies : 1. Prepare all the ingredient that we need Ingredients 1 cup butter, softened 1 cup white … Continue reading

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My Christmas Spirit

So this is christmas I say, the christmas decoration is everywhere, in every mall , you see different christmas theme and different size of christmas tree, and it’s beautiful But have you asked yourself , what is the true meaning of christmas, what is the true spirit of christmas? To Scrooge the Christmas spirit was … Continue reading

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About Giving

  Generosity is the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return. It can involve offering time, assets or talents to aid someone in need. Often equated with charity as a virtue, generosity is widely accepted in society as a desirable trait It is one kindness that we can do everyday to everyone. But … Continue reading

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