I Love Me

Saying “I Love You” will be more easy than saying “I Love Me”, because you know yourself better than anyone else and there are many things that you would like to change to make you a better person but still can’t.

For me it’s an up and down situation , sometimes I love myself but most of the times I don’t like myself. But now I am in the process to love myself more than I used to, there’s a reason why I decided to do this.. I got a card from my twitter friends last week, they were telling me how much they love me and how special I am to them, all those little things they remembered of me are the best things from me.. they could see it but I could not see it.

There is one article from XcapedCats 10 reasons why you should first love yourself and it’s a really good article that everyone should read, in order to love themselves more .

Not a day goes by without me not feeling sorry, I love my job, but in order to do my jobs well I have to be discipline and follow the rule, and I have to say “no” to my colleagues . It’s not easy as it seems, sometimes they are begging me to help them and say please do the magic Dii help me to get this order, but I am not a magician. I have to be fair to everyone .. I have rule to follow with all the consequences. Yeah, maybe I have that strong personality but I am not really strong at heart, When I disappointed someone I hurted myself.

Things that I will do to be able to love myself more than before  (hopefully) :

1. Being grateful for what I am and for what I have

2. understanding the meaning  of being unperfect so I don’t have to feel bad when I cannot do everything at once perfectly.

3. Belief that mistakes are really OK-able , so I don’t get too hard on myself , and not afraid in making more mistakes , but not doing the same mistakes.

4. Just accepting myself , so I can stop trying to be someone’s else and acting to be someone’s else just to make people like me.

I think I am not really a sweet girl, I keep saying and telling people straight forward what I think or what I feel about something , everytime they ask me question, sometimes I just so confused whether I should tell them my opinion or I just need to shut up. when I don’t say anything, they will say that I don’t care about them, but when I say the truth ,they will hate me . I rather not saying anything and smile to a question because I care and I don’t want to hurt them. Just wish people would understand that and stop pushing me .

5. knowing that I am just a girl, with only 2 little hands … I cannot please everybody, and sometimes I may hurt someone , but that is normal.

6. I should care more about myself , doing things that make me happy , indulge myself more often. I think I deserve it. 🙂

Maybe it will work maybe it won’t. But I will give my best shot because I want to be happy and I want to share it to the world. And by doing it , I prepare myself to welcoming a new love into my life 🙂 , and keep on showing love to others .

And thank you to my twitter friends for sending me all your loves in a card. I really appreciate it.


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