I say NO to Drama on Twitter

Lately I have been seeing a drama from a certain group of people on twitter. I call it drama because it includes all that twitter fight . I did not know what happened to them and what made them so angry on twitter. But they should not shoot all of us and angry at us who do not have a clue at all. They unfollowed most of their friends and wrote bad things on their streams.

6 reasons I do not like Drama on Twitter :

1. So Rude

I do not like reading tweets full of swear words, all those in appropriate words are so not polite. You should have manner too on twitter.
I read a guy saying nasty things about his ex wife ,I just don’t understand it ,what if his kids read it. I will be very angry if my father wrote something bad about my mom on twitter or FB. What ever your problem is.. keep it private. If you need help from your twitter friends, share it and we will help you. And you can always use DM for a private conversation.

2. Twitter fight is totally not cool
What is so cool about fighting ? Nothing, right ? You hurt yourself more than you hurt other people. So please stop fighting on twitter. Let’s keep on sharing. Let’s create a little peace of heaven.

3. Depressing
Yes, believe it or not . This twitter drama depressed one of my friend. She decided to close her twitter account. The drama has effected some people more than you know. Luckily my friend realized no use of closing her twitter account , she will lose her friends. And I am happy because I still have her on twitter.

4. Betrayal
They betrayed their friends when they called their friends “fake people”. And I have lost my trust in them. Well, I have to say some of them , used to be my twitter’s angels.

5. Simple things do really matters
I love @rM1L ‘s quote “simple thing does matter, even simple thing can ruin a friendship” and it’s true. All these simple things make me fall in love with twitter over and over again. A simple smile, a simple hugs, a simple hello, all those simple things can put a smile on my face. And I won’t let the twitter drama ruin it all.

6. I have enough dramas in real life
The last but the most important reason is I have enough dramas in real life. I do not like drama, I try to avoid it anyway I could, but in real life somehow I just cannot escape it . And I do not need more dramas here on twitter for sure.

I love my twitter friends. I love the way they share knowledge, quotes , smiles, love and happiness. So to all of you that brought dramas on my stream, I am really sorry but I have to block you.
I say No to dramas on twitter. Let’s make it fun, full of positive actions and comedy, we all love to laugh, don’t we?

Keep on sharing friends 🙂 .

10 Responses to “I say NO to Drama on Twitter”
  1. Thank you Dian for writing this post. I couldn’t agree with you more. I think you sum it up very well with the last line in your post: “I say No to dramas on twitter. Let’s make it fun, full of positive actions and comedy, we all love to laugh, don’t we?” < YES!!!

  2. SheilaRose/ShebaJo says:

    Amen! I totally agree. If you have an issue, deal with it.. privately. No need to try and destroy friendships of everyone else… in public or via DMs & email trying to hurt others either.

  3. Louise says:

    I agree. twitter s/b fun. I’m lucky> haven’t had any drama on my line, but wouldn’t want it either.
    RL is tough enough without one of the fun things in our lives being tough as well.
    You’ve made a good point!

  4. Chi says:

    There! It’s about time someone wrote something about this drama and I agree w/ you 110%. Twitter is such a fun, comfortable place but there are some people who gets tooooo comfy and we don’t want that. Issues in real life should be dealt with in private…let’s not be childish about this, right!? ; )

  5. I agree Dii, keep it private (: and spread the love, love, love ;D xoxo

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