Letting Go

Last couple of weeks ,  I was so stressful for everything that happened at work. Too many problems and so little time to fix everything.

I have been trying to figure out how could I be on that position ? because something is definitely wrong, I am un-happy and I don’t like the feelings.

And I guess I am feeling un-happy because of  several reasons :

1. I want everything to be perfect

2. I want every one do everything my way

3. I want people to work with the same standard as mine

4. I want people to be discipline

5. I want to fix everything

I have a really high standard , I want to be one step a head , I want to be perfect, but I forget that I could not work alone. And if the people I work cannot keep up with me , I have to slowing down a bit. If  you use to work very fast , you feel exhausted when you have to slow down.

So right now, I am trying to let go, of everything that I cannot posses, things that I cannot change. And I try to stop being perfect all the times.

But I will not change my standard , I put my standard high to help me getting better each day. Sometimes letting go of the things that you have or trust for long times are not very easy.

Right now, I will not work on the weekend. But when I am at work , I will give my best to it. The funny thing is when I am in the process to change .. to start enjoying life and having a free time for me wihout work, a colleague called me yesterday and asked about work , and I told him , let’s discuss that on monday, you know what he said.. he said .. Dii ,you change now 🙂

Yes I try to change, because I want to be happy. 🙂 No one or anything can make me happy. It’s me who decide what kind of happiness  I want to have in this life. I am the master of my life , the architect of my future. This life is my stage and I am the Star. And I want to be happy because I want to make everyone happy. You cannot make other people happy when your heart full with hate and angers.

Just let it go . Let all the bad things and bad feelings out of your heart. And find peace and happiness within it.

Image Credit : Letting Go



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