My Twitter’s Angels

This is my late #FF shouts to my angels on twitter. These girls are always there on my stream to bring a smile to my face, to make me happy and to support me in everything I do and help me when I need it.

Here we go :

Angel 1 is Ms. Milana Ryan .  She is really a geek , smart and beautiful girl, she always happy to help me and answer all my questions on her DM . And I am her big fan , I love her poems on DewDrops and her videos on one true media . Everything is beautiful by her touch. I love M. I am glad to be able to collaborate with her in creating a blog to encourage people to write a poem. Check out our blog  on Sudden Poets.  Follow her @rM1L

Angel 2 is Ms. Nicky Hari.  She is young, smart, beautiful and funny. Crazy about Kpop and Donghae , so all of you who are crazy about Kpop and Donghae , must follow this girl. And another thing this girl can rap in Korean. Check her work  on The Nicky Blog and follow her @Rocksstar10

Angel 3 is Ms. Shilpi Bose. She is a good writer. Even right now she does not have a blog yet, but she will soon launch her blog, and I will be her no.1 fan. I pushed her to write a poem for Sudden Poets and she did a great job. She is good with words. Love you Shilpi.

Follow her @Shilpiiz

Angel 4 is Ms. Richa Mehrotra. She is my biggest fan, she subscribed in every blog I have, and thank you for that sweetie. And she is so sweet and caring and so lovely, her kindness wins my heart :). Thank you Richa for being my friend. Love you girl. And I love her blog too, check out her work on Richa’s Blog

Follow her @smilelotus

Angel 5 is Ms. Flemcy Navis. This girl is very busy, she is rarely on the stream, but everytime she is there, she brings happiness with her smiles and her kind Rts, love and supports.

I love this girl too. Follow her @flemcy

Angel 6 is Ms. Tasha Sefrida. This girl is beautiful in her strange way. I love you for that Tasha, you are different, you really are our Superwoman, I can laugh so hard when chatting with her on twitter. She is funny, and nice to talk to. Follow her @Tashamiel

Angel 7 is Ms. Agnes Novi. This beautiful mom is also a strong woman, learning about photography and a blogger. She will launch her blog, soon I hope :). Sweet and funny, love to laugh too . Love you girl. Follow her @Agnes_novi

Angel 8 is Ms. Kanya Anjari Subroto. What a beautiful name Kanya Anjari :). This lovely lady is a mom and a busy career woman. Loves to disappearing from twitter for a certain time , LOL. Love to have her on my stream. Follow her @nonkanya

Angel 9 is Ms. Leah Marie Cel. This beautiful woman always remember her friends birthday, she is caring and sweet, that’s why I love her. You are perfect sweetie. 🙂 Follow her @LeyMarieCel

So go on and follow those lovely ladies. They will make your stream bright with their smiles and their kindness. Follow them.

I love my Twittter Angels 🙂


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