Auto DM on twitter, love it or hate it ?

Twitter is fun. But there is one thing that i don’t like from twitter, it’s an auto DM , an automatic reply from someone that you followed.

Is it only me or are you feeling the same way about an auto DM on twitter ?

It is really annoying, don’t you think so? I love making new friends, but to be honest I hate auto DM that instantly pop up as soon as I follow them back

Why I don’t like AutoDM  :

  1. It’s boring 

Everyday you have the same message on your DM . “Hi, Thanks for following”. Can you be creative and say hi to me on the stream ? Just mention me  I will appreciate it more

      2.    It’s a crap

Some of the message saying here is your first followers bonus , and you give me a link to a site. Do you think I will open that link. No way. I only click on the link given by my trusted friends

      3.  it’s just a message from friend collectors

it goes like this  : “thanks for following , please connect with me on facebook too, here is my FB link”. SORRY.. I don’t want to be one of your collections. I don’t know you . Friends on my FB are friends that I know well. I don’t collect friends. I love my friends

What DM means to me :

 1. It’s a place to talk about something private to a friend .

 2. It’s a place to discuss about a special project, like a birthday surprise for a friend.

 3. It’s a place to share special idea to a friend .. ex: creating a new blog

  4. It’s a place to ask a friend to help you on something or to reply special request from a friend

I always check on my DM.  And it’s annoying to find so many auto DM there. I hate deleting unimportant DM one by one. It’s a waste of time.

 Well, I am new on twitter. Is there a way to avoid so many auto DMs ? or do you know a good / benefit side from an auto DM ? Please share it with me by dropping a comment . I would love to hear  it. 🙂





2 Responses to “Auto DM on twitter, love it or hate it ?”
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  2. virginlife says:

    thank you my dear 🙂

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