Prisoner of his love

Image Credit by : Vinz

Here I am
Stuck in my own heart
Longing for his love
Waiting silently
for him to be back

Here I am,
Lost in the rhyme of him,
longing for the look in his eyes,
his charm hypnotized my soul,
and his love is an illusion

This love jail is killing me
dragging me to the end of my dreams
without parole
and a chance to break free
for I am just the prisoner of his love

This love is suffocated my lung,
And changed my air of needing you instead
Tears not worth the wait anymore
Blind as I let myself fall
Into the deep of your love
To the ocean of an endless dreams

Thy love, please set me free…

in Collaboration with :



Milana Ryan from dEwDrops and @rM1L

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