Change your self-image, Change your world

We are all living in an advertising world and whatever it says does matter. In every commercial advertising we always see a beautiful model as a message that we must be beautiful to be popular, to be cool, to have friends or to be famous. That’s why many women are getting a plastic surgery just to be perfectly beautiful.

There’s nothing wrong to change your self-image, but the reason why you do it does matter. The main reason is, not just to get notice by other people or to please someone, but to make you feel better about yourself. When you fix your self-image, your self performance will change, and you will be more confident and it will boost your positive attitudes.

 When you have a poor self-image, it feels like you are looking at a dark mirror and you will feel bad about yourself  and  everything else will look bad in your eyes. But when you feel good about yourself, the world will be beautiful in your eyes.

 5 simple ways to change your self-image:

   1. Change the way you dress up

Be smart , you do not have to follow the trends all the time , because some fashion styles just not fit you. I am not fahionable girl, I am happy and comfortable in jeans and t-shirt, even when I am working, my boss does not mind, but once in a while , I love to surprise people by wearing a beautiful dress and high heels to the office. And it is fun to see a wow in my friends’ face.

2. Change your hair style

I really love this, I have a big wavy hair and I cannot do much about it, that’s why I always  have a short cut hair, but last week I changed my hair, I want to have a long hair, so I made my hair straight .. good bye to my big wavy hair 🙂 . I feel good about this, I love to see my face with the straight hair in the mirror. And another thing, I love to play with the hair color. It’s fun and it gives me a different look.

3. Be healthy

If you think you are too fat, go see the doctor and ask for a safe diet program, or just go the gym and work out your body.

 4. Be yourself

Do not imitate people. Be yourself is better. You may not be perfect but you are beautiful.

Somebody else’s fashion and somebody else’s hair style might not  fit  your personality. I never want to imitate other girl , I want to be different. I love to be different because I am special , there is only one me and one you in this world.

 5. Your self-image will affect your attitude

You do not have to worry with what  people might think about you. But you must care  of what you think about yourself. Your self-image in your eyes is important. You will have a bad attitude if you think you have a poor self-image, if you think that you are not beautiful.

Yes I know sometime we wish that  mirrors should have never been invented so we would not have to look ourselves in it .

But mirror is there to remind us that we need to take a good care of ourselves, to look good and to feel good about ourselves.

 Are you feeling bad about yourself right now ?

If yes, just change yourself, change your hair style it will give you a new look. Change your self-image, from a fat girl to a sexy girl, from a casual girl into a hip girl, from a country girl into a city girl. But remember, you have to feel happy about it. If you think that you are OK now, it means you really are ok.

Be confident and the world will agree with you.


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