Auto DM on twitter, love it or hate it ?

Twitter is fun. But there is one thing that i don’t like from twitter, it’s an auto DM , an automatic reply from someone that you followed. Is it only me or are you feeling the same way about an auto DM on twitter ? It is really annoying, don’t you think so? I love making new friends, … Continue reading

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My Twitter’s Angels

This is my late #FF shouts to my angels on twitter. These girls are always there on my stream to bring a smile to my face, to make me happy and to support me in everything I do and help me when I need it. Here we go : Angel 1 is Ms. Milana Ryan .  She … Continue reading

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Prisoner of his love

Image Credit by : Vinz Here I am Stuck in my own heart Longing for his love Waiting silently for him to be back

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Change your self-image, Change your world

We are all living in an advertising world and whatever it says does matter. In every commercial advertising we always see a beautiful model as a message that we must be beautiful to be popular, to be cool, to have friends or to be famous. That’s why many women are getting a plastic surgery just to be perfectly … Continue reading

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