Virginity.. keep it or give it away?

For a girl , virginity is the most important thing , well at least for me. And no one can really tell when is the best time for a girl to have sex for the first time? And deciding whether it’s the right time for you to have sex is really a personal decision and … Continue reading

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Single and Happy !

Went thru a long distance relationship with a wonderful guy for 3 years , just to find out  that actually he did not really love me .. really broke my heart.  I sinked for a while until I decided I wanted to be happy, he could leave me but I could live without him. At first … Continue reading

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Am I a girl or a woman?

I keep asking my self over and over that question  “am I a girl or am I a woman ?” Let’s try to figure out the difference between a girl and a woman 🙂 A girl : 1. worry about for not being pretty or not good enough for everything 2. tends to ignore good … Continue reading

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